​Taiki-cho Nihonichinofurusatomura

Why don't you make your own favorite "countryside" ?

The inn,which is rebuilding old houses in small mountain communities, isa a barrier free method that anyone can use. Not to mention the rice that cooked in the "Kamado" (=Japanese heath),the speciality rice bread is exquisite.

Chatting in a calm space is fun.

All experiences will be lifelong memories.

In the atomosphere that will make you want to say " I'm back!", there are many return customers. Exploring around villages is also fun.

The owner Mr./Mrs. Seko say "Please ask us if you have any requests what you want to do."

974-2 Kanawa, Taiki-cho, Watarai-gun, Mie, JAPAN

TEL  +81-598-87-1500   

MAIL  furusato@nanaho.org   

NPO 大紀町日本一のふるさと村
〒519-2733 三重県度会郡大紀町金輪974-2
TEL 0598-87-1500  fax 0598-87-1369 mail 

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